DeepScribe Onboarding

See you soon!

Thank you for scheduling your onboarding kickoff call.
Please review our onboarding process below to get an idea how your process will look like.

1. Record Conversations.

Collect the first set of sample recordings to for our AI models to train on. We will walk you through how to capture your first set of recordings during our kickoff call.

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2. Collaborate.

Teamwork makes the dream work. Your notes may not be perfect on day one. But don't fret! Schedule your first note review with us to give us feedback on how we can customize the AI model to emulate the way you practice.

You can change everything from integrating templates, to changing the format of your notes, to the verbosity of your language model.

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3. Iterate.

Our team members are experts in translating your feedback into "computer language". We will incorporate your feedback into your custom model. Instantly see results.

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4. Flawless Notes

We are committed to getting your notes perfect, so schedule as many note reviews as you need. While DeepScribe is building your custom model, think about how you will spend your saved time!

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