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Technology That’s
Totally Different

DeepScribe is a different solution from what you are likely used to. We didn’t develop another virtual scribe or dictation tool. We leverage the power of AI with machine learning, natural language processing and speech recognition to literally re-write how medical documentation is done. How is DeepScribe different from traditional solutions?

Dictation/Transcription Tools

Compared to:

Dictation/Transcription Tools

DeepScribe is:

More accurate

No more recalling & summarizing interactions

Less manual

No more dictating voice to text & inputting EHR notes

More efficient

No more spending valuable time on documentation

Human/Virtual Scribe

Compared to:

Human/Virtual Scribe

DeepScribe is:

Less expensive

No more dedicating revenue to costly scribe solutions

More dependable

No more worry about scribe burnout & churn

Less of a hassle

No more training & scheduling & managing scribes

With DeepScribe, your conversations are automatically summarized and integrated into the discrete EHR fields. No need to recall and summarize each encounter. No need to schedule and train scribes. DeepScribe is always available and continually gets smarter, learning your language so you spend less time editing notes and more time practicing medicine.

Feel The Difference.

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Not exactly your style? Don't worry.

During our onboarding process, we will work with you to understand your documentation style and create a bespoke model to emulate exactly the way you practice.

Show us your style
Technology that works for you.

How it works

Say goodbye to prohibitive costs, time-consuming onboarding, and high rates of turnover. DeepScribe effectively manages the entire documentation process from day 1 – without emptying your pockets.

Automatically sync your schedule.

DeepScribe automatically syncs with your patient schedule in your EHR.

Automatically sync your schedule

Select patient in DeepScribe App.

When you’re ready to see your patient, simply select your patient in our smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch app.

Select patient in DeepScribe App

Start recording.

Start recording your appointment with just one click.

Start recording

Talk with your patient.

No awkward wake words or dictations during your visit. Talk to your patient as if you were treating your family member.

Talk with your patient

Stop recording.

Stop recording your appointment when your are done seeing your patient. Have something you want to include in your notes but did not want to say to your patient? Use DeepScribe's smart feature to add to your recording.

Stop recording

Review and sign off as you normally do.

DeepScribe will upload your finished note directly into the discrete fields of your EHR.

Review and sign off as you normally do
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See 15 more patients per day
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Make 2730 more revenue per day
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Spend 1.5 more hours with your family
Spend 1.5 more hours on your interests
Go home 1.5 hours earlier
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Trusted by...

"DeepScribe has been amazing for my office and my patients. My notes are completed more promptly, which has been great for billing as well as managing referrals, prior authorizations, etc. My patients love me being able to focus on them rather than a screen. However, It also has been awesome for my family and me. I am not stuck doing notes late into the night. I was so excited when I first learned about it and now could not imagine going back to writing notes. Definitely an integral part of the future of medicine."

Dr. Everald Manning
Premier Primary Care Physicians

"I was initially thinking about a scribe to ease my workload and allow more interaction with my patients instead of staring at a computer screen through the entire visit. Then, I was introduced to DeepScribe. DeepScribe has been incredible in letting me be more interactive with my patients by taking on most of the burden of documentation. I now spend more time with the patients as opposed to being a secretary. DeepScribe has not only allowed me to become more connected with my patients, but also increased my revenue by allowing me to see more patients and freed up time to spend with my family instead of charting."

Dr. Pinkal Patel
Oviedo Medical Center

"We love DeepScribe. Its freed up so much time for us its incredible. We actually have time to meet and do business development, get home, make dinner, and spend time with family. Really cool."

Dr. Navin Reddy
Veritas Health
System integration

Instant Integration.
Instant Benefits.

With only a few clicks, your patient encounters are automatically summarized and all medically relevant notes are directly mapped into the discrete fields in Practice Fusion.

Face-to-face Interactions

Face-to-face Interactions

You want to give your patients your full attention, but with endless documentation, you’re forced to focus on your screen. With DeepScribe, you can concentrate on them knowing DeepScribe is documenting your conversation automatically.

More Time

More Time

Dictating notes between patients and after-hours consumes a ridiculous amount of your time. DeepScribe gives you back your time by automating medical documentation. All you have to do is review and approve the notes as you normally do.

A More Efficient Practice

A More Efficient Practice

Note-taking and EHR documentation is a requirement, but how you do it is up to you. DeepScribe’s ambient scribe technology does all of the work for you so you can focus on delivering compassionate care to more patients.

See how easy it is to get back your time.

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