Be a Doctor. Not a Scribe.

The Affordable Solution to Documentation Overload

Rather than alleviating the burden of notetaking, dictation and transcription tools create more work in its place. For greater accuracy and true time-savings, the world’s leading healthcare systems and private practices alike are making the switch to DeepScribe.

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Meet us at:

Medical Practice Excellence's Leaders Conference

Booth #832

Boston | October 9-12, 2022

Medical Practice Excellence Leaders ConferenceMedical Practice Excellence Leaders ConferenceMedical Practice Excellence Leaders Conference

Stop by booth #832 to chat with our team and learn more about our amazing AI scribe solution.

Or fill out the contact form below and request a demo at a later date and time after the event.

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How Does DeepScribe Work?

By using AI, natural language processing, and ambient listening, DeepScribe is rewriting the documentation process. It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

Start Recording

When a patient encounter begins, start recording through the DeepScribe app on your phone.

Start recording

Talk with Your Patient

As you speak, DeepScribe's ambient listening will accurately capture relevant medical information, prepare a note, and enter it into the discrete fields of your EHR.

Talk with your patient

Review and Sign Off on Prepared Notes

Most notes show up in your EHR within a few hours (after a quick check by DeepScribe to ensure accuracy) and then you just review and sign off on a fully prepared note.

It’s that easy.

Review and Sign off on Prepared Notes
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DeepScribe Knows Medical Providers Deserve Better

We've Created A Solution Where Providers Can:

Cut out hours of joyless busy work by using ambient technology
Actually save money by implementing smart AI technology that does not need to heavily rely on human auditing
Benefit from process efficiencies by using easy-to-learn scalable technology
Increase patient satisfaction by enjoying face-to-face interactions as only relevant medical information is captured

Get Hours Back In Your Day

By providing a tool that is as easy to use as it is accurate, DeepScribe is giving doctors back the hours they previously spent on documentation and bringing the joy back to practicing medicine.

Currently, DeepScribe is available for the following specialities:

Adult Medicine
Family Medicine
Geriatric Medicine
Internal Medicine
Multi-Specialty Clinic
Pain Management
Pediatric Medicine
Preventative Care
Primary Care
Psychiatry - Medication Management
Sports Medicine
Urgent Care

And offers integrations with the following EHRs:

Elation Health
NextGen Office
Office Ally
Practice Fusion
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Bringing the Joy of Care Back to Medicine