Clinical Documentation: Reimagined

Transform patient conversations into actionable clinical intelligence with DeepScribe Ambient AI.

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AI-Powered Documentation
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Our customizable ambient AI platform automates clinical documentation – saving clinicians time while allowing them to focus on patient care. Built using the world’s largest database of natural patient conversations, DeepScribe is the only model that leverages composable AI, allowing users to customize notes for any specialty or care setting.

DeepScribe is empowering us to alleviate the documentation burden, deliver exceptional patient care, and make good on our promise to prioritize clinician well-being.

Partnering with DeepScribe is one of the best tech decisions we’ve made in recent years. DeepScribe’s eagerness to collaborate with us at the business and clinical level is allowing us to scale adoption and meet our objectives faster than we could have expected.

DeepScribe and Nava Health are aligned in a shared commitment to holistic wellness. This partnership allows us to overcome the hurdles we faced with other AI tools and adopt technology that is cost-effective, sustainable, and beneficial to both our clinicians and our patients.

The DeepScribe difference

Unlike other AI documentation tools, DeepScribe leverages composable AI to offer personalized, fully customizable clinical documentation. Our ambient AI platform helps doctors, hospitals, and health systems:
Save time

By eliminating manual documentation, DeepScribe cuts hours of administrative work out of a physician’s day – leaving more time for patient care.

Improve accuracy

With DeepScribe’s ambient AI technology, no detail goes undocumented – resulting in comprehensive chart notes that are more accurate than a human scribe.

Drive adoption

Built to be easy to use, our intuitive platform generates notes directly in your EHR – while the Customization Studio allows you to fine-tune notes for any specialty or care setting.

Maximize revenue

Make an immediate impact to your bottom line through reduced documentation costs, higher provider utilization, and increased compensation from more accurate risk adjustment factor (RAF) scores.

AI Documentation built for Enterprise

Learn more about the features that make DeepScribe the best partner to help you unlock the power of AI – and modernize your enterprise patient data strategy.

AI Medical Scribe

DeepScribe leverages the most advanced speech recognition models, allowing for the natural conversation between clinician and patient to be captured with extreme accuracy.

Customization Studio

Fine-tune DeepScribe’s AI-generated notes to match provider workflows and improve adoption.

Trust and Safety Suite

Audit DeepScribe’s accuracy with features that promote AI transparency.

Realize the full potential of Healthcare AI with DeepScribe

Explore how DeepScribe’s customizable ambient AI platform can help you save time, improve patient care, and maximize revenue.