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Our AI-based scribe technology will take care of your documentation.

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Can you breathe in and out for me?
Okay, your lungs sound perfectly normal.

Clear to auscultation and percussion bilaterally. Auscultation of the lungs revealed normal breath sounds without wheezing, rales, or rhonchi.

Sign Off

Review and sign your fully-prepared notes that populate the appropriate EHR fields within an hour of each interaction.

EHR Integration

DeepScribe will upload your note directly into the discrete fields of your Electronic Health Record.

See Patient

Have a face-to-face conversation with your patient while DeepScribe intelligently listens and prepares your note.

Start Recording

Begin your patient exam and start recording through the DeepScribe iPhone/iPad application or your EHR.

What would you do with your extra 3 hours?

DeepScribe automates medical documentation, giving you back around 3 hours per day to do what you love.

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It’s time for a new norm.

Bringing the Joy Back to Medicine

Note-taking shouldn’t hinder compassionate care.
Documentation shouldn’t consume nearly half of your day (or night).

DeepScribe brings the joy of care back to medicine by providing clinicians with a reliable, affordable, and secure medical scribe solution that eliminates the need to take notes during patient interactions or dictate notes between patients and after hours. 

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Less than one correction per note on average after 20 days of usage.



1/6 the cost of a human scribe or transcription service.



100% HIPAA-compliant with multiple layers of security and controls.

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That means you can focus on your patients instead of documentation and have peace of mind your notes are accurate.

What will you do with an extra 3 hours a day?

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AI-based solution

Modern Technology
for a Modern Practice

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing virtually every industry. Now, it’s healthcare’s turn.

DeepScribe’s proprietary ambient scribe technology automatically listens to your natural patient conversations without any prompting. All you have to do is speak. Our AI-based solution extracts medically-relevant information, intelligently summarizes the interaction into cohesive sentences, and then directly integrates notes into the appropriate fields in your EHR.

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That means more time building relationships with patients and less time spent on documentation. 

100% Ambient & Passive

100% Ambient & Passive

No wake words. No dictation. No summarizing. Simply talk to your patient face to face as DeepScribe listens in.

Compatible with Small Talk

Compatible with Small Talk

Talk to patients about anything. DeepScribe will include only the medically-relevant information, in the right order.

Always Getting Smarter

Always Getting Smarter

Our AI-scribe continuously gets smarter by listening and learning your conversation style, preferred phrasing, and writing preferences.

Just practice medicine. DeepScribe will do the rest.

DeepScribe Is Transforming How Clinicians Practice Medicine

Human medical scribes are expensive, a pain to schedule, and don’t always stick around. Medical dictation tools are cheap but not 100% reliable or efficient. You still have to recall medically-relevant details, click into each discreet EHR field, and dictate each part of the note, often correcting mis-captured words.

You and your patients
Deserve Better
Deserve better
You and your patients
Dr. Daniel Johns

I had reached the end of my rope with the hours each week I was losing to documentation, and thanks to DeepScribe I am reclaiming those hours!

Dr. Daniel Johns
Physical Medicine
Pinkal Patel

"DeepScribe has not only allowed me to become more connected with my patients, but also increased my revenue by allowing me to see more patients."

Pinkal Patel
Family Medicine
Dr. Suresh Neelagaru

"DeepScribe removes the number one pain point in my private cardiology practice - typing clinical notes into my EMR. I can’t imagine life without it."

Dr. Suresh Neelagaru
Dr. Palak Patel

"This is great! I have to say that this has probably been the best thing that has occurred thus far with regard to this EHR."

Dr. Palak Patel
Dr. Navin Reddy

"DeepScribe has freed up so much time for us. We actually have time to meet and do business development, get home, make dinner, and spend time with family."

Dr. Navin Reddy
Dr. Sharon Lemmons

“I was immediately impressed by DeepScribe’s accuracy. I felt I could confidently leave the note-taking to DeepScribe and focus on my patient.”

Dr. Sharon Lemmons
Primary Care
Dr. Ravi Mallavarapu

"DeepScribe has allowed us to do what led us to medicine in the first place which is empathetic listening and caring for the patient"

Dr. Ravi Mallavarapu
Dr. Everald Manning

DeepScribe has been amazing for my office and my patients. I can not imagine going back to writing notes. Definitely an integral part of the future of medicine.

Dr. Everald Manning
Primary Care

DeepScribe brings you the experience and quality of having a human medical scribe but at the cost and scalability of a dictation service.

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DeepScribe saves 3 hours a day.
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See 15 more patients per day
Spend 10 more minutes with each patient
Make 2730 more revenue per day
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Spend 1.5 more hours with your family
Spend 1.5 more hours on your interests
Go home 1.5 hours earlier
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Take care of your patients

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"DeepScribe has been amazing for my office and my patients. My notes are completed more promptly, which has been great for billing as well as managing referrals, prior authorizations, etc. My patients love me being able to focus on them rather than a screen. However, It also has been awesome for my family and me. I am not stuck doing notes late into the night. I was so excited when I first learned about it and now could not imagine going back to writing notes. Definitely an integral part of the future of medicine."

Dr. Everald Manning
Premier Primary Care Physicians

"I was initially thinking about a scribe to ease my workload and allow more interaction with my patients instead of staring at a computer screen through the entire visit. Then, I was introduced to DeepScribe. DeepScribe has been incredible in letting me be more interactive with my patients by taking on most of the burden of documentation. I now spend more time with the patients as opposed to being a secretary. DeepScribe has not only allowed me to become more connected with my patients, but also increased my revenue by allowing me to see more patients and freed up time to spend with my family instead of charting."

Dr. Pinkal Patel
Oviedo Medical Center

"We love DeepScribe. Its freed up so much time for us its incredible. We actually have time to meet and do business development, get home, make dinner, and spend time with family. Really cool."

Dr. Navin Reddy
Veritas Health

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