Ambient AI optimized for Specialty Medicine.

From oncology to cardiology, DeepScribe accurately documents complex patient cases – while tailoring experiences to reflect each specialist’s unique workflows, appointment types, and preferences.

One-size AI documentation doesn’t fit all.

Just like patients trust specialists for their deep medical expertise, specialists trust DeepScribe to generate accurate documentation for unique clinical needs and workflows.

Unlike other ambient AI solutions based on GPT-4, DeepScribe is built on HealAI – a proprietary LLM engineered to support true specialty-specific AI documentation. Trained using data from 3M+ patient encounters, we tailor notes to meet unique clinician needs based on their specialty, subspecialty, and personal preferences.

The result: AI-generated notes that accurately document even the most complex specialty cases, with the ability to trace every note back to the source in the patient encounter.

DeepScribe understands the complexities of specialty medicine.

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Ambient AI with deep healthcare expertise

Customization Options


50+ customization options allow clinicians to fine-tune AI-generated notes to their unique specialty

Unparalleled Accuracy


Trained on one of the largest medical datasets in healthcare, DeepScribe’s AI-generated notes capture even the most complex clinical details with 32% greater accuracy than GPT-4

EHR Integrations


Robust API integration with your EHR, from Epic and athenahealth to small specialty-specific health record systems.

ICD-10 Generation


ICD-10 codes generated each year, helping clinicians and care organizations improve billing cleanliness and revenue.

“DeepScribe has done a great job in trying to help doctors adopt ambient technology at scale and done it with a personal touch, which I think is a great way to introduce a novel technology into a healthcare environment.”

Jason Hill

CIO, Ochsner Health

DeepScribe is empowering us to alleviate the documentation burden, deliver exceptional patient care, and make good on our promise to prioritize clinician well-being.

Partnering with DeepScribe is one of the best tech decisions we’ve made in recent years. DeepScribe’s eagerness to collaborate with us at the business and clinical level is allowing us to scale adoption and meet our objectives faster than we could have expected.

DeepScribe and Nava Health are aligned in a shared commitment to holistic wellness. This partnership allows us to overcome the hurdles we faced with other AI tools and adopt technology that is cost-effective, sustainable, and beneficial to both our clinicians and our patients.

Bring the joy of care back to medicine

Customizable Notes

Fine-tune DeepScribe’s notes to meet any specialty, workflow or documentation preference with 50+ customization settings.

Improve accuracy

AI-generated notes are automatically entered in the appropriate fields of your practice’s EHR system – eliminating after-hours documentation.

Maximize ROI

Automated AI documentation delivers an immediate return on investment – with pricing that’s AI caccessible for practices of any size.

Simplified Billing

DeepScribe’s ICD-10 code generation improves billing cycles, increases reimbursements, and reduces claim denials.

Enterprise-grade Ambient AI for private practices

AI Medical Scribe

DeepScribe leverages the most advanced speech recognition models, allowing for the natural conversation between clinician and patient to be captured with extreme accuracy.

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Customization Studio

Fine-tune DeepScribe’s AI-generated notes to match provider workflows and improve adoption.

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Patient note
Sophia Walsh


CHIEF COMPLAINT: Patient presents today for a left rotator cuff tear sustained from a skiing accident that occurred a couple of weeks ago when she hyper-extended her arm. HPI: She is currently in a sling but has not been seen prior to today. Immediately after the injury, she felt intense pain but had limited lateral motion in her left arm. She reports normal gripping strength but has difficulty with reaching upwards and to the sides. She is able to reach in front of her and behind her back. Pain does radiate from the deltoid towards the triceps. Patient is always concerned of a supraspinatus tear. Patient is understanding that an arthroscopic surgery may be necessary.


Musculoskeletal: Normal grip strength. No tenderness of biceps. Some weakness in the arm. ROM to 25o of the supraspinatus.


M75.102 Unspecified rotator cuff tear or rupture of left shoulder, not specified as traumatic


Recommended to start physical therapy x6 treatments. Prescribed Ibuprofen 800 mg TID PRN. Consider MRI and arthroscopic surgery if needed. Follow up after a couple of sessions of therapy or sooner if symptoms persist or worsen.

Trust and Safety Suite

Audit DeepScribe’s accuracy with features that promote AI transparency.

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