Ambient AI Optimized for Oncology

Oncologists have unique demands for care delivery – and documentation. DeepScribe is the only ambient AI solution trained to understand the complexities of cancer care, delivering accurate, fully customizable notes and freeing up oncologists to truly focus on their patients.

"After reviewing multiple AI solutions, DeepScribe’s unique oncology-specific configurations and its ability to seamlessly integrate into our workflows led to over 80% clinician adoption rate.”

James Lindsey

CIO, Texas Oncology

AI trained to think like an Oncologist

Other ambient AI documentation tools aren’t made for oncologists and the specifics of oncological care. They’re built on generic large language models (LLMs) like GPT-4.

DeepScribe is different. We’ve trained our own proprietary LLM – called HealAI – to understand the complex, highly specialized nature of cancer care.

Created from more than 3 million discretely labeled patient encounters, DeepScribe ambient AI helps oncologists accurately capture even the most complicated cases, with details that can go unnoticed by general, one-size-fits-all options.

The system is also fully customizable. Oncologists can tailor their notes to reflect any subspecialty workflow and their own charting preferences, and it all works smoothly within multidisciplinary collaboration and longitudinal patient management.

"Working with DeepScribe aligns perfectly with our mission to advance cancer care for all Texans. This innovative technology not only allows our clinicians to reduce time spent on documentation by significant hours each day, but also strengthens our ability to deliver better care.”

Steven Paulson, MD

President & CEO, Texas Oncology

Better notes for better outcomes

ICD-10 Generation


ICD-10 codes generated each year, helping clinicians and care organizations improve billing cleanliness and revenue

Oncologist Adoption


Fine-tune DeepScribe’s AI models to accelerate clinical adoption in the first 30 days of deployment.

Save time


DeepScribe automatically generates clinical notes after each patient encounter, reducing documentation time by up to 75%.

Unparalleled Accuracy


DeepScribe’s AI-generated notes capture even the most complex clinical details with 32% greater accuracy than GPT-4

Developed with Oncologists for Oncologists

DeepScribe has partnered with leading oncologists to meet your complex documentation needs, from medical and surgical to radiation and hematology.

Accurately capture interval histories

DeepScribe automatically documents interval histories by combining data from prior visits with information captured during the patient conversation.

Customize your way, any way

Use our oncology templates to fine-tune AI-generated notes per clinician or department. Or, build your own exam workflow for DeepScribe to populate.

Merge ambient AI and dictation

Ease multidisciplinary collaboration by adding your own dictation to DeepScribe notes before or after any patient visit.

Pull forward prior notes

DeepScribe incorporates relevant patient data from prior visits into the chart for improved longitudinal care.

Maximize ROI

After each patient visit, you’ll see a comprehensive list of oncology-specific ICD-10 codes within your notes, helping improve risk adjustment factor (RAF) scores, increase reimbursement, and reduce claim denials.

See the power that DeepScribe ambient AI brings to oncology groups and healthcare organizations.

AI Medical Scribe

Leverage advanced speech recognition models to document patient conversations with unrivaled speed and accuracy.

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Customization Studio

Fine-tune DeepScribe’s AI-generated notes to match provider workflows and improve adoption.

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Trust and Safety Suite

Audit DeepScribe’s accuracy with features that promote AI transparency.

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