Our mission is to bring the joy of care back to medicine by helping AI and healthcare professionals work in harmony.

Our story

Born from intimate experiences with both the challenges of medical documentation and its impact on patients, co-founders Akilesh Bapu and Matthew Ko founded DeepScribe in 2017 with a vision to transform the way clinicians document care.

Today, DeepScribe is leveraging ambient AI to automate documentation – allowing clinicians to focus on providing care, not documenting it.
Trained using one of the world’s largest databases of patient conversations, DeepScribe empowers providers by transforming patient conversations into fully customizable, detailed clinical notes.

Trust & Safety

Championing the responsible, transparent use of AI in healthcare.

At DeepScribe, we’re committed to setting a new standard for healthcare AI: One that guides technological innovation with a strong moral compass. This philosophy is what shapes our products today, and drives our vision for what’s possible tomorrow.

Our founders

Akilesh Bapu
Co-founder and CEO

Akilesh Bapu is a graduate of the EECS program at UC Berkeley, where he conducted extensive research on the application of deep learning, natural language processing, and domain specific summarization. Before co-founding DeepScribe, he held positions at the Berkeley AI Research Lab (BAIR) and Apple.

Mathew Ko
Co-founder and COO

Before co-founding DeepScribe, Matthew Ko was a consultant in Enrst & Young's Data and Analytics practice, helping companies innovate through better data interpretation. A graduate of the College of Engineering at UC Berkeley, he also attended the Walter A. Haas School of Business and The London School of Economics (LSE).


Dean Dalili
Chief Medical Officer
Ryan Kluft
Chief Financial Officer
Avi Millman
Chief of Staff
Anna Graziano
Head of Customer Success
Charlie Kolb
VP of Growth
Jared Jost
VP of Marketing
Kyle Hébert
VP of Sales
Andrew Beinstein
Head of Engineering
Mark Quinn
VP of Operations
Sean Brindley
Head of Business Development

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