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More time for your family

The kid who wants their parents on-time for dinner

The kid who wants their parents on-time for dinner
More time for those who love you

The friends that miss you around

The doctor who wants to be in better shape
More time for just you

The ones who need a little more "me" time

The pet who need a little more attention
AI-based solution

Our mission is to bring the joy of care back to medicine.

At DeepScribe, we have deep compassion for how people are cared for.

As deep technologists, we believe that the time has come to make technology work for us rather than against us. We combine our expertise in artificial intelligence and our love for beautiful design to revolutionize the patient-provider experience by building tools that empower clinicians to provide more compassionate care.

woman doctor with patient

For patients, we understand how the care that you receive is really the care that you perceive. We believe you deserve better.

For providers, we understand that you have devoted your lives to patients and how easily the perception of compassionate care can drown under the sea of administrative tasks required from you.

We see a different path

Our Vision

With the advent of EHRs, physicians are spending an increased amount of time documenting a clinical encounter, leading to burnout, distraction from higher-value work, and decreased face-to-face time with patients. We see a different path.

Physicians spend nearly 38.5% of their clinical hours on documentation, which is widely noted as being the primary contributor to 59% of clinician burnt out.

Provider organizations are challenged with over $102 billion per year in costs and lost revenue from having high-skilled workers spending nearly half their day doing data entry.

Patients suffer when their clinician spends only about 1 ½ minutes of direct facetime with them in the average visit, and 40%-80% of the information discussed is forgotten.

doctor examining patient

We envision a world where clinicians get to engage face-to-face with their patients, knowing their patient encounters are automatically and accurately documented

No more burying your face into your computer during the patient encounter.

No more frustrating voice dictation services or expensive human/virtual scribes.

No more sleepless nights to close your charts in time.

Our Team

AI and humans working together

We are a team of deep technologists from some of the top AI labs in the world, physicians from some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, and entrepreneurs who have founded household names in medicine that have come together to bring the joy of care back to medicine and to turn the physician's chair back towards the patient.

Meet our Founders
Akilesh Bapu

Akilesh Bapu

Co-Founder & CEO

Matthew Ko

Matthew Ko

Co-Founder & COO

Kairui Zeng

Kairui Zeng

Co-Founder & CTO


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Looking to work for a mission-driven, innovative company that is revolutionizing how healthcare is delivered? If you have a passion for transforming an industry, changing lives, and being part of something bigger than yourself, we want to hear from you.

DeepScribe is empowering physicians with modern AI technology to improve the efficiency of their practice while delivering better patient care. When clinicians can engage with their patients face-to-face instead of focusing on documentation, they see better patient outcomes, deeper patient trust, and improved patient relationships.

Flexible Work Hours

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Unlimited Time Off

Our Current Job Openings

Account Executive
San Francisco

As an Account Executive (AE), you will be responsible for driving revenue and account growth within SMB healthcare clinics. You will self-generate and close new business, owning the sales cycle from start to finish.

Work With Us
NLP Engineer
San Francisco

Our state-of-the-art models are ingesting and generating summaries for thousands of real-life patient-physician interactions weekly. You’d be working directly with our team to tune them to the abundant inflow of data as well as architecting new ones to further infuse AI into physician workflows.

Work With Us
Content Marketing
San Francisco

As a Content Marketing Manager, you will work directly with the co-founders to develop and execute our sales and marketing strategies to expand our customer base and meet our monthly growth targets.

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