Trust & Safety

Championing the responsible, transparent use of AI in healthcare.

AI that aligns with core human values.

Artificial intelligence is transforming our world. But in healthcare – where patient safety and data security are paramount – we all have a responsibility to ensure AI is implemented both ethically and responsibly.

At DeepScribe, we’re committed to setting a new standard for healthcare AI: One that guides technological innovation with a strong moral compass. This philosophy is what shapes our products today, and drives our vision for what’s possible tomorrow.

Transparent by Design

DeepScribe’s ambient AI platform was engineered from the ground up to promote transparency in healthcare AI – with key features that promote trust and safety.

Clinical moments

Trace AI-generated notes directly back to their origins in the patient conversation.

With Clinical Moments, you’ll know exactly how DeepScribe interprets and synthesizes information from the clinical conversation.

Just highlight a portion of your note, and you’ll be directed to the source in the patient encounter – giving you complete visibility into how and why content is created.

Note Insights

Get a snapshot of DeepScribe’s performance across your entire organization with our audit dashboard.

Note Insights offers real-time data on two key metrics: Edits per 100 notes, which monitors the text changes a clinician makes to a DeepScribe note, and the DeepScribe Trust Score, a percentile ranking reflecting the accuracy of your notes compared to other users.

“As a company at the forefront of generative AI innovation in healthcare, DeepScribe recognizes the imperative of aligning technological advancements with the best interests of healthcare professionals and patients alike.”

Matthew Ko

Co-Founder, President and COO


Our trusted, reliable technology and high security standards ensure your sensitive data is always protected.

HIPAA Compliant

DeepScribe’s ambient AI platform is 100% HIPAA compliant and all our employees are HIPAA certified.

End-to-End Encryption

All data captured and processed by DeepScribe is encrypted using end-to-end AES-256 technology.

De-Identified Patient Data

Encrypted data is stripped of all personally identifiable information, ensuring patient information cannot be associated with an individual.

Multi-Factor Authentication

DeepScribe includes an additional layer of security to ensure any user accessing our platform is authorized to do so.

Limited User Access

Strong access permission settings prevent patient data from being shared too broadly – on your side and ours.

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