HCC Code Capture Intelligence for Value-Based Care

Succeeding with value-based care means capturing all relevant HCC codes and precise documentation requirements.

DeepScribe ambient intelligence – DeepScribe Assist – guides physicians to each relevant condition and makes it easy to capture every HCC code. In the encounter, in real time.

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AI that simplifies
HCC code capture

With DeepScribe Assist, proper coding for value-based care no longer requires layers of downstream review after the patient encounter.

For each patient, DeepScribe automatically surfaces relevant HCC codes that need to be captured, prompting clinicians to have discussions that meet requirements and capture codes efficiently. 

How DeepScribe Assist helps capture HCC codes

Before the exam

DeepScribe displays a list of relevant HCC codes for each patient – those that need recapturing plus HCC suspects, for a full picture of the patient’s severity of illness and care needs.

The physician then begins the exam, with DeepScribe ambient AI turning the conversation into documentation.

During the exam

DeepScribe Assist ambient intelligence assesses whether HCC coding compliance requirements are being properly met. If needed, an unobtrusive visual prompts the physician to adjust the conversation.

After the exam

DeepScribe summarizes how each HCC condition was addressed against MEAT criteria, illustrating which elements (Monitor, Evaluate, Assess, Treat) have been completed. Clinicians quickly know if and where follow-up is required.

“DeepScribe is empowering us to alleviate the documentation burden, deliver exceptional patient care, and make good on our commitment to prioritize clinician well-being”

Frank Fear

CIO, Covenant HealthCare

DeepScribe ambient intelligence: real-time benefits to healthcare organizations taking on value-based care.

Higher recapture rate of HCC codes
Clear, automated suspect code list
Improved Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) scores
Less administrative time on HCC codes
Full reimbursement opportunities in value-based care programs

See the power that ambient AI from 3.5M patient conversations brings to specialty care.

AI Medical Scribe

DeepScribe leverages the most advanced speech recognition models, allowing for the conversation between clinician and patient to be captured with extreme accuracy.

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Customization Studio

Fine-tune DeepScribe’s AI-generated notes to match provider workflows and improve adoption.

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Trust and Safety Suite

Audit DeepScribe’s accuracy with features that promote AI transparency.

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