Practice: Brookside Family Medicine

Specialty: Family Medicine

EHR: eClinicalWorks

DeepScribe Customer Since: December 2022


Prior to DeepScribe, Dr. Debra Graetz documented her family medicine visits in real-time through manual documentation or dictation powered by Dragon. These methods were helpful for note accuracy and chart closure time, but life as a “court transcriptionist” sucked the life out of providing care and left Dr. Graetz with limited bandwidth to pour into her business, her colleagues and her family. As work-life balance suffered on both ends, Dr. Graetz sought a solution that would allow for ample personal recovery outside of the exam room, and allow her to be the business owner and mom she wanted to be.

  1. Manual Documentation
  2. Limited Bandwidth
  3. Work-Life Balance

“I had a strong business, I had great patient volumes and strong note closure. I was looking to adopt this technology to see if I could be happier.”


With DeepScribe, Dr. Graetz is able to focus on the patient during the visit, eliminate manual documentation, and leave the exam room with more bandwidth to pour into herself and other elements of her practice. Combined with high accuracy and fast note turnaround time, Dr. Graetz’s trust in DeepScribe has given her renewed peace at work and at home, allowing her to be a better boss, a better business owner, a better colleague, and a better mom.

  1. Automated Documentation
  2. Increased Bandwidth
  3. Improved Work-Life Balance
  4. Trust, Accuracy, and Fast Turnaround

By the Numbers

Dr. Graetz makes 1 edit per note on average

Outcomes: ROI and Testimonial

Unlike some DeepScribe users who see a positive return on investment by seeing additional patients, Dr. Graetz has a different outlook on ROI. “I just want to charge appropriately for the work that I do in the room. My goal is not to see how much I can slam myself from room to room. There’s still a personal recovery that needs to occur.”

Instead, she quantifies that return on investment by how she’s able to be present for her business, her colleagues, and her family. “Every time I don’t lose an employee, that’s a positive return on investment. I’m able to [do that] and be there for more administrative things without stealing that time from my family.”


Brookside Family Medicine is a family medicine practice located in Traverse City, MI. Dr. Debra Graetz, practicing clinician and owner, has been serving the community of Traverse City for roughly 16 years, with little patient turnover throughout that tenure. Brookside and Dr. Graetz are committed to delivering high-quality care that allows patients to get the most meaningful prevention and treatment.


Both objective customer-use data and subjective self-reported data was used to gather insights for this case study. The customer use data was collected directly from DeepScribe’s platform and provided an objective and comprehensive view of the clinician’s usage patterns. To corroborate this information, we also gathered self-reported data on the clinician’s experience using DeepScribe through a structured interview protocol. Any discrepancies or gaps were discussed and clarified during the interview process to ensure data was consistent and representative of the clinician’s true experience. Data was analyzed by multiple parties and confirmed to be accurate and reliable.

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