Customization Studio

Personalize DeepScribe’s AI-generated notes to meet the needs of any specialty or workflow.

Where Generative AI meets Personalized Documentation

When it comes to automating clinical notes, one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work. Documentation and workflow needs change across specialties. And every physician has their own unique preferences.

DeepScribe’s Customization Studio gives providers complete control over their notes using our simple, intuitive dashboard.

Fine-Tune your Documentation

Customization Studio offers specialty-specific templates and 50+ options for note customization – helping you build the perfect AI note for every specialty and care setting.

Personalization drives adoption

By customizing DeepScribe’s notes to match existing clinical documentation, one large regional cancer center increased physician adoption to 76% during its initial pilot.

Clinical adoption in 6 months
Customer story

“The current partnership has seen 100% clinical adoption within its established scope in just 6 months, and with a clinical team that conducts more than 72,000 visits across 11 locations annually, there is mutual agreement to further expand DeepScribe services”

Effortless Customization for your AI Documentation

Adaptive Content

Match DeepScribe’s AI notes to your current workflow by selecting the details you want to include in each note – and how you want them formatted.

Specialty Templates

Simplify your customization journey by starting with a pre-built specialty template.

Custom Exams

Create your own custom physical exams for DeepScribe to populate during a patient conversation.

Voice activated Macros

Build voice-activated macros that populate when you speak a certain word or phrase.

Code Integration

Organize your plan by ICD-10 codes to help streamline billing and coding.

Realize the full potential of Healthcare AI with DeepScribe

Explore how DeepScribe’s customizable ambient AI platform can help you save time, improve patient care, and maximize revenue.