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Can you breathe in and out for me?
Okay, your lungs sound perfectly normal.

Clear to auscultation and percussion bilaterally. Auscultation of the lungs revealed normal breath sounds without wheezing, rales, or rhonchi.

Sign Off

Once completed, review your AI-generated SOAP note and sign off. It’s that easy.

AI-Generated Notes

DeepScribe’s AI filters out small talk, identifies key medical information, and generates complete, EHR-ready notes.

See Patient

Talk to the patient like you normally would. DeepScribe runs ambiently in the background, transcribing the conversation in real time.

Start Recording

Easily capture patient visits right from your iPhone or iPad. No vocal prompts like “Hey DeepScribe…” and no bulky hardware.

What would you do with your extra 3 hours?

Don’t let documentation control your practice. DeepScribe empowers you with the tools you need to save time and improve your well-being.

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Our Vision

Improve Healthcare with AI

47% of clinicians are burned out with 60% citing administrative tasks as the primary contributor. 89% of those considering leaving medicine cite burnout as the main cause.

DeepScribe can help healthcare systems retain their clinicians.

A single provider turnover can cost healthcare systems $1,000,000. Meanwhile, 30% of medical notes are under-coded, leading to $9,000 in missed reimbursement per month.

DeepScribe can help healthcare systems increase their revenue.

47% of clinicians state that their lack of well-being negatively affects the patient's experience. Continuous negative experiences can lead patients to seek a new healthcare provider.

DeepScribe can help healthcare systems attract more patients.

doctor examining patient

Our ambient AI medical scribe creates a world where clinicians can focus on providing care, not documenting it.

Clinicians Using DeepScribe Have Achieved

1.6 min.
chart closure time
reduction in documentation time
extra patients seen per day
AI That’s Proven

Powered by Healthcare Data

Trained on data from over 2 million patient encounters, DeepScribe owns the largest database of clinical conversations in the world.

When it comes to healthcare, data matters. The same is true for artificial intelligence. The more data AI has to learn from, the more accurate and effective it is.

DeepScribe’s vast dataset is what sets us apart. It's why we are able to provide a fast, accurate and customizable AI medical scribe solution. It’s why individual practitioners and large healthcare systems alike choose us over others.

Why Clinicians Love Us

"DeepScribe has allowed me to have true presence with my patients. It’s allowed me to really just walk into a room, sit down, put my phone on the table, and have a conversation.”

Allison Hockman, MD
Family Medicine

"DeepScribe is empowering us to alleviate the documentation burden, deliver exceptional patient care, and make good on our commitment to prioritize clinician well-being."

Frank Fear
Covenant HealthCare

“DeepScribe has decreased my stress level immensely. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night thinking about the notes that I have to close. DeepScribe makes me the doctor that I always dreamed I would be.”

Kharia Holmes, MD
Internal Medicine

"Every time I don’t lose an employee, that’s a positive ROI. I’m able to [do that] and be there for more administrative things without stealing that time from my family."

Debra Graetz, MD
Family Medicine

"With DeepScribe AI I now can pass the pillow test… I can lay my head on my pillow at night knowing all my work is done. Thank you DeepScribe."

Jerry Hizon, MD
Sports Medicine

"DeepScribe has given me back my weekends and has given me back my life."

Carol Cherry, FNP-BC
Pain Medicine

"DeepScribe has been amazing for my office and my patients. I can not imagine going back to writing notes. Definitely an integral part of the future of medicine."

Everald Manning, MD
Primary Care

“I was immediately impressed by DeepScribe’s accuracy. I felt I could confidently leave the note-taking to DeepScribe and focus on my patient.

Sharon Lemmons, MD
Family Medicine

"DeepScribe allows us to do what led us to medicine in the first place which is empathetic listening and caring for the patient"

Ravi Mallavarapu, MD

"I could not practice without it. It has made my life so much easier knowing that transcription is there. The telehealth aspect is awesome."

Paul Battle, PA-C
Holistic Medicine

"I'm loving DeepScribe! I'm able to leave the clinic 2 hours early since starting DeepScribe. DeepScribe is so much better than using an in-person scribe"

Sajeda Nusrat, MD
Family Medicine
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Features and Benefits

An AI Medical Scribe Built to Be a Partner

DeepScribe is designed to simplify workflows and empower clinicians with the tools they need to regain control over documentation.

Advanced Speech Recognition

DeepScribe leverages the most advanced speech recognition models, allowing for the natural conversation between clinician and patient to be captured with extreme accuracy.

Ambient Capture

Unlike traditional documentation tools that can intrude on encounters, DeepScribe captures visits in the background as they happen. No more disruptive patient visits.

Designed for Healthcare

DeepScribe’s dataset is built and trained on millions of real clinical conversations with patients. We are the leader in deciphering the non-linear nature of visits and understanding medical nuances.

Telemedicine Compatible

DeepScribe is fully compatible with telemedicine visits, meaning that no matter how your clinicians interact with their patients, DeepScribe can document notes.

Fine-Tune Control

Maintain control of your final notes with multiple customization features, including Smart Refinement which turns dictations into meaningful notes.

Seamless EHR Integration

DeepScribe can sync AI-generated notes directly into the appropriate fields of numerous electronic health record systems. Questions about integrating? Ask us.

Use DeepScribe with Your Trusted EHR

Our EHR partnerships extend beyond what you see here. Get in touch to explore additional options.


Enterprise-Grade Security

Our security standards ensure that no matter the size of your organization, you can trust DeepScribe with sensitive information.

HIPAA Compliant

DeepScribe’s AI technology is 100% HIPAA compliant and all employees are HIPAA certified, ensuring your practice maintains high levels of patient privacy.

End to End Encryption

All data captured during a visit and processed by DeepScribe is encrypted using end-to-end AES-256 technology.

De-Identified Patient Data

Encrypted data is stripped of all personally identifiable information, helping ensure patient information can’t be associated with an individual.

Multi-Factor Authentication

DeepScribe includes an additional layer of security to authenticate anyone activating the technology is authorized to do so.

Limited User Access

Strong access permission settings prevent patient data from getting in front of the wrong eyes, on your side and ours.

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