[San Francisco, May 31, 2023] – DeepScribe, the leading provider of AI-powered medical documentation, is excited to announce its partnership with Covenant HealthCare, the sixth largest medical facility in Michigan. With plans to deploy to all 500 Covenant clinicians, this collaboration represents a significant milestone in the journey to revolutionize the healthcare industry through the power of artificial intelligence. 

AI has historically had trouble achieving system-wide scale in healthcare and DeepScribe has been hard at work to reverse that trend. This partnership demonstrates to the industry at large that AI can be effectively deployed across large health systems.

"We are excited to announce our partnership with Covenant HealthCare, marking a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionize healthcare through AI," said Matthew Ko, COO and President of DeepScribe. "Years of research and development went into this moment to prove to distinguished health systems like Covenant that we can deploy AI with trust and safety."

"We're extremely excited about our partnership with DeepScribe and the transformative potential their AI technology brings to our health system," said Frank Fear, Vice President and CIO of Covenant HealthCare. "DeepScribe is empowering us to alleviate the documentation burden, deliver exceptional patient care, and make good on our commitment to prioritize clinician well-being."

The partnership is already having a positive impact on clinical workflows at Covenant, reducing time clinicians spend documenting during the day, after hours, and within their electronic health record system. With reduced administrative burden, clinicians at Covenant HealthCare can focus more intently on direct patient care, ultimately enhancing care outcomes. 

"The outcomes we have been able to achieve with Covenant prove that we can not only empower clinicians to provide high-quality, compassionate care without compromise and drive immense value for the organization, but also that we can do so at scale," said Ko.

As the partnership progresses and usage grows, DeepScribe and Covenant HealthCare will continue to collaborate closely, leveraging the transformative potential of AI to drive lasting positive change for patients, providers, and health systems.

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About Covenant HealthCare:

Covenant HealthCare is a leading healthcare provider based in Saginaw, Michigan. Formed through the merger of Saginaw General and St. Luke's Hospitals, Covenant HealthCare is the sixth largest medical facility in Michigan. With a dedicated team of over 4,400 employees and 500 physicians, Covenant HealthCare offers comprehensive healthcare services, including obstetric and neonatal care, pediatric and adult critical care, and cancer care programs. Committed to patient safety, education, and community well-being, Covenant HealthCare continues to deliver exceptional care, promote wellness, and drive innovation in healthcare.

About DeepScribe:

Founded in 2017, DeepScribe is a medical technology firm based in San Francisco, California that supplies proprietary AI medical scribe solutions to healthcare companies and medical professionals, helping them automate clinical documentation, improve patient care, reduce clinical burnout, save valuable time, and increase revenue and reimbursement. With hundreds of clinicians on their platform, DeepScribe is the most widely adopted ambient AI medical scribe in the world.

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