Empowering customizable, specialty-specific AI documentation through a large language model (LLM)  trained on over 3M patient encounters.

AI that thinks like a doctor

In the race to develop ambient AI documentation tools, nearly every company is adapting general-purpose language models like GPT-4 for medical use. But these one-size-fits-all models fall short when it comes to accurately capturing the complexities of clinical documentation.

That’s why we developed HealAI – the first large language model (LLM) built specifically for medical documentation. HealAI uses discretely labeled notes from 3M+ patient encounters to support specialty-specific details. This empowers DeepScribe to accurately document complex cases while customizing notes to reflect each clinician’s unique workflow, style, and preferences.

DeepScribe notes are 32% more clinically accurate than GPT-4

In a real-world medical environment, HealAI outperforms GPT-4 thanks to its deep specialty-specific knowledge.

GPT-4 Accuracy Rates
DeepScribe Accuracy Rates
“DeepScribe is empowering us to alleviate the documentation burden, deliver exceptional patient care, and make good on our commitment to prioritize clinician well-being”

Frank Fear

CIO, Covenant HealthCare

Unlock new levels of accuracy, privacy, and scalability

Improve Note Accuracy

Unlike products that utilize GPT-4, DeepScribe doesn’t limit the number of AI prompts used in a single patient conversation – producing more detailed notes that accurately document complex cases.

Eliminate AI ‘Hallucinations’

General LLMs have a tendency to “hallucinate” – presenting inaccurate data as if it were fact. Because HealAI is built specifically for medical documentation, it’s engineered to only document information from the patient conversation.

Eliminate Documentation Bias

HealAI is trained without any patient demographic data – eliminating the potential for documentation bias based on age, sex, or ethnicity.

Protect Patient PHI

All patient data is encrypted and de-identified to remove personally identifiable information – ensuring patient data cannot be associated with an individual.

Customize Notes at Scale

A proprietary LLM enables specialty-specific training and extensive note customization at the specialty, workflow, and clinician level – helping health systems drive industry-leading enterprise adoption rates over 80%.

Discover AI that’s as trusted as it is innovative

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