SAN FRANCISCO – June 11, 2024 – DeepScribe, a leader in ambient AI clinical documentation technology, is proud to announce its collaboration with Texas Oncology, a community-based oncology practice that covers most of Texas. Nearly 1,000 clinicians at more than 280 Texas Oncology locations will have the opportunity to use DeepScribe’s advanced AI solutions to reduce administrative burden for providers while allowing more time for patients to consult with their care team. 

"Working with DeepScribe aligns perfectly with our mission to advance cancer care for all Texans," said R. Steven Paulson, M.D., president and CEO of Texas Oncology. "This innovative technology not only allows our clinicians to reduce time spent on documentation by significant hours each day, but also strengthens our ability to deliver better care.”

“After we reviewed multiple AI solutions, DeepScribe’s unique Customization Studio and ability to seamlessly integrate into our workflows stood out,” said James Lindsey, IT strategy and innovation principal, at Texas Oncology. “Texas Oncology’s customized instance of DeepScribe has been trained in the specific needs of oncologists and fine-tuned using actual provider input and patient visits. Safety and privacy were part of our main considerations, as well as how this data would be protected and secured.”

Texas Oncology’s diverse subspecialty departments, including medical oncology, radiation oncology, hematology, and surgical oncology, will all have access to DeepScribe’s custom-built oncology model, which can improve accuracy and billing, especially with complex consultations. Other key capabilities that improve both provider and patient experience include a custom interface for the practice with more than 50 settings for providers to tweak, as well as progress notes that pull in context and history from the patient chart. 

“Doctors like me really love this new tool, and I’ve been able to quickly incorporate DeepScribe into all my patient encounters,” said Scott Paulson, M.D., medical oncologist at Texas Oncology‒Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center, who has been using the platform since November 2023, when Texas Oncology first piloted the technology. “The notes are accurate and even capture billing codes that may have been missed or forgotten if providers come back to finish their documentation hours later. I can also focus on the patient during the visit, instead of my computer.”

To make the scribing process seamless for providers, DeepScribe has integrated the AI documentation into Ontada’s award-winning electronic health record (EHR) iKnowMed, using the Ontada Developer Marketplace. Part of McKesson’s suite of oncology solutions, Ontada continually provides innovative technology in its EHR, which is a hallmark of Ontada’s continued investment into an open ecosystem with a mission to continually improve the clinician experience.

“This milestone with Texas Oncology and Ontada holds a special and personal significance for me, as the DeepScribe journey began with my father, who is an oncologist,” said Akilesh Bapu, DeepScribe CEO. “Collaborating with the team and implementing an industry-leading solution has been a deeply rewarding experience. It’s incredible to see broad adoption across oncologists, a population that is known to have some of the most complex and difficult documentation needs.”

Following the successful pilot, DeepScribe implementation has already started throughout Texas Oncology, and the new solution will be available at all locations by the fall. 

About DeepScribe

DeepScribe is the leader in ambient intelligence for healthcare, with a platform that automatically produces complete, accurate documentation and delivers real-time insights to physicians in the moment of care. Built on the world’s largest database of patient conversations, DeepScribe’s AI technology, HealAI, is trained to manage the most complex cases, with customized workflows for each medical specialty. With a mission to bring the joy of care back to medicine, DeepScribe frees clinicians to be wholly present with patients while ambient intelligence helps them make the most of every encounter. Visit to learn more.

About Texas Oncology

With more than 530 physicians and 280 locations, Texas Oncology is an independent private practice that sees more than 71,000 new cancer patients each year. Founded in 1986, Texas Oncology provides comprehensive, multi-disciplinary care, and includes Texas Center for Proton Therapy, Texas Breast Specialists, Texas Colon & Rectal Specialists, Texas Oncology Surgical Specialists, Texas Urology Specialists, and Texas Imaging and Infusion Center. Texas Oncology’s robust community-based clinical trials and research program has contributed to the development of more than 100 FDA-approved cancer therapies. Learn more at

About Ontada®

Ontada is an oncology technology and insights business dedicated to transforming the fight against cancer. Part of McKesson Corporation, Ontada was founded on the core belief that precise insights – delivered exactly at the point of need – can save more patients’ lives. We connect the full patient journey by combining technologies used by The US Oncology Network and other community oncology providers with real-world data and research relied on by all top 15 global life sciences companies. Our work helps accelerate innovation and powers the future of cancer care. For more information, visit


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