DeepScribe Sets Record: First AI Scribe to Capture 1 Million Patient Visits

San Francisco, CA - Today, DeepScribe, an AI-powered medical scribe company, announced that clinicians across the United States have used its documentation solution to capture 1 million patient visits. This milestone makes DeepScribe the most widely adopted ambient AI scribe solution in healthcare and the first to successfully automate documentation in a way that is easy, affordable, and highly accurate.

"All I really can say is 'Thank You'," said Akilesh Bapu, DeepScribe cofounder and CEO. "Especially to those who stood by us in the beginning and helped shape this AI, stood by us during mishaps, and always gave strong feedback — positive or negative. You've helped shape DeepScribe into what it is today."

It’s not simply the sheer number of notes that set DeepScribe apart, however. The blossoming value of the technology lies in its ability to capture and structure clinical data derived from natural conversations.

"There's all this rich data flowing in these patient conversations that, historically, is not being captured effectively, not being structured effectively, and therefore not being used effectively," Bapu said. "All of that valuable information gets diluted when the doctor has to go back [after the visit] and document." 

With DeepScribe, that trend is changing. Behind the backdrop of capturing 1 million patient visits lies another impressive breakthrough: the collection of over 86 million de-identified medical entities (data considered medically relevant). Meaning that while helping clinicians reduce the documentation burden, improve care, and maximize reimbursement, DeepScribe is simultaneously collating the largest de-identified clinical dataset in healthcare.

Potential applications of this de-identified data include diagnosis recommendations, automated treatment suggestions, intake chatbots, and robust billing and coding tools – solutions that completely re-imagine how patients flow through the healthcare system and lean on data to reduce misdiagnosis (something that impacts 5 percent of all patients) and medical errors (the third leading cause of death in the United States). All of this acutely positions DeepScribe to tackle some of healthcare’s most alarming challenges.

"It's as simple as better data equals better health outcomes," Bapu said. " If everything that possibly transpired in the clinical conversation is broken down, labeled, and easy to reformat, missed information and miscoding decrease significantly.”

With each patient visit captured on its platform, DeepScribe is reducing the negative impacts of documentation, shrinking the healthcare data gap, and laying the foundation for a bright, healthy future for clinicians and patients alike.

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Founded in 2017, DeepScribe is a medical technology firm based in San Francisco, California that supplies proprietary AI-powered medical scribe software to healthcare companies and medical professionals, helping them automate clinical documentation, improve patient care, save time, and increase reimbursement. With hundreds of clinicians on their platform, DeepScribe is the most widely adopted ambient AI scribe in the world.

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