San Francisco, CA - 4/11/2024 - DeepScribe, a leader in ambient AI clinical documentation, is pleased to announce its general availability on AWS Marketplace. This streamlined purchasing option of DeepScribe enables healthcare organizations to more easily deploy DeepScribe’s fully customizable documentation platform, including Customization Studio, Clinical Moments, and Real-Time

“Our inclusion in the AWS Marketplace is made possible by our work with AWS as well as the integrity of our enterprise-ready AI clinical documentation solution,” said Matt Ko, co-founder and COO at DeepScribe. “The increased accessibility will enable enterprise healthcare organizations to consolidate their cloud spend and more easily deploy DeepScribe to address the critical issue of clinician burnout as it automates clinical documentation, improves efficiency, and allows greater focus on delivering patient care.” 

DeepScribe is available in the AWS Marketplace through a private offer, allowing healthcare organizations to deploy ambient AI that is integrated directly with their EHR. This streamlined option to purchase DeepScribe through AWS allows IT leaders to consolidate purchasing and billing, support deeper integration with other AWS partners, and maximize usage of AWS committed resources.

“Healthcare systems are moving fast to adopt the AI stack of the future, from ambient AI to clinical decision support,” adds Akilesh Bapu, co-founder and CEO at DeepScribe. “We think it’s important to make rolling out this stack as seamless as possible - with this, rolling out DeepScribe is easier than ever, directly through AWS.”

DeepScribe uses over 30 different AWS services for machine learning, compute, and storage. The company uses AWS Sagemaker to securely train and host their large language model, HealAI, trained on over 3 million patient-physician conversations alongside AWS HealthScribe. 

For more information about DeepScribe's availability, visit the AWS Marketplace.

About DeepScribe

DeepScribe transforms patient conversations into fully customizable clinical documentation with ambient AI. Designed for clinician ease of use and stringent CMIO data requirements, DeepScribe is built on the largest database of natural patient conversations in the world. Leveraging composable AI to allow for customized patient notes, DeepScribe is the only solution flexible enough to meet the needs of every specialty and care setting while maximizing reimbursements. Save time on documentation, modernize enterprise patient data strategy, and unlock the future of digital health. Visit to learn more.

Media Contact:

Erin Farrell Talbot, for DeepScribe


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