Medical Scribe Software Gives Doctors Hours Back In Their Day – Here's How They're Spending It

In an attempt to relieve the documentation burden plaguing today’s healthcare providers, AI-powered medical scribe software has become increasingly commonplace in medical practices across the globe. This is due in large part to the technology's ability to operate autonomously while delivering complete and accurate notes directly to an EHR - greatly reducing the overall time clinicians spend documenting in front of a computer screen.

In fact, DeepScribe’s AI medical scribe saves clinicians as much as three hours per day on medical documentation alone. That’s three hours that providers can spend doing more of the things they love. 

So, how are healthcare providers across the country leveraging DeepScribe and what are they doing with new-found free time? We posed this question to our clinical partners – here's what we found out. 

Returning To Patient-Centered Care.

Rather than spending patient appointments entering data into an EHR, medical scribe software empowers clinicians to stop typing, look up from the computer, and connect more genuinely with the patient in front of them.

“DeepScribe has allowed us to do what led us to medicine in the first place,” says Dr. Ravi Mallavarapu, a gastroenterologist at Cedar Valley Digestive Health Center in Waterloo, IA. “That’s empathetic listening and caring for the patient.”

Research shows that when clinicians spend more time on patient care and less time on administrative tasks they greatly reduce their risk for burnout. Research also links increased patient-clinician interactions to better patient outcomes overall. 

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Seeing Additional Patient Visits.

For many of our customers, the time-savings gained from medical scribe software unlocks a huge revenue opportunity. Dr. Pinkal Patel, a family medicine doctor and owner of Oviedo Family Health Center, noticed a substantial increase in his daily bandwidth after bringing DeepScribe's medical scribe software into his practice. Over time, his average patient volume increased by 2 patients a day – still allowing him to catch up on patient calls and make it home in time for family dinner. Which brings us to the third way our customers enjoy spending their time-savings...

Spending Time With Family. 

Clincians are notoriously busy people and their hectic schedules often come at a cost to their personal lives. Throughout our conversations, we heard time and time again about the many soccer practices, school performances, and family dinners that our customers missed out on before delegating their documentation to DeepScribe’s medical scribe software.

According to Dr. Sharon Lemmons, managing partner of Lemon Tree Family Medicine in Anchorage, Alaska, “when I noticed that I was missing out on milestones in my personal life, like helping my kids with homework or attending my son’s cross-country ski race, I knew I needed to come up with a more efficient documentation process.”

With DeepScribe’s streamlining their documentation process, our clinical partners are making up for lost time. “I’m actually getting home in time to go to my kid’s soccer practice and talk to my daughter who’s off in college. I can spend time with my wife. It’s not only cost-savings, it’s a social and mental health saver,” says Dr. Patel.

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Practicing Self Care.

The unfortunate reality of a high stress, high stakes healthcare profession is that providers don’t always practice what they preach. They advise their patients to follow simple self care practices – exercising regularly, eating healthily, practicing good sleep habits – but their demanding work schedules keep them from following their own advice. 

With the time-savings they get back from medical scribe software, many of our partners are investing more time into self care. They know it's important not only for themselves but for the patients they serve. As Dr. Patel puts it, “If your brain is in a rut, you may not be making the best decisions. DeepScribe has given me the time to take care of myself - so that I can take care of my patients.”

Curious what you can spend more time doing with AI medical scribe software?  Find out! 

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