In this episode, host Alex Merwin, Head of Growth for Healthcare & Life Science Startups, welcomes Akilesh Bapu, the Co-Founder & CEO of DeepScribe, an AI medical scribe company revolutionizing medical documentation. DeepScribe, trusted by both large and small healthcare systems across America, brings passion and determination to provide the most trustworthy AI medical scribe available, aiming to bring the joy of care back to medicine.

We discuss the details of DeepScribe’s AI-based approach to transform medical documentation. From using both supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques and large language models, DeepScribe is focused on enabling physicians to spend more time with their patients rather than on manual note-taking.

Further, we explore DeepScribe’s go-to-market strategy. Starting with an inbound heavy approach targeting private practices, DeepScribe then expanded to sell into large health systems. This approach has helped the company position itself as a leading AI medical scribe.

Finally, we discuss one of the most critical aspects of AI application in healthcare settings: maintaining a ‘human in the loop’. Ensuring the accuracy of AI systems and managing algorithmic bias is critical, and DeepScribe has managed to integrate this principle into their business and product.

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  • [01:44] Akileh’s background as an AI researcher and what brought him to founding DeepScribe.
  • [04:46] How DeepScribe thinks about AI and how it’s solutions works.
  • [08:40] Physician burnout and why we need more efficient tooling, and the importance of having humans in the loop to accurately ground truth data.
  • [14:41] How DeepScribe used an SEM/SEO driven inbound GTM strategy to grow market segment share with private practice, later expanding into health systems.
  • [17:22] How giving time back to physicians improves their work life harmony, benefitting them, their patients and the health system more broadly.
  • [19:41] DeepScribe’s approach to managing the tradeoffs between individualizing care and perpetuating systemic bias which can be a challenge for AI systems.
  • [22:47] How DeepScribe leverages both supervised & unsupervised learning, and how “scribes” help them ground truth data at scale.
  • [28:27] How DeepScribe approached its different rounds of financing, from pre-seed to Series B.
  • [32:28] What keeps Akilesh up at night.

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Using AI to Transform Medical Documentation, DeepScribe's Akilesh Bapu

DeepScribe CEO Akilesh Bapu sits down with Alex Merwin of the AWS Startups Health Innovation Podcast to discuss the DeepScribe vision, including the importance of clean data and the critical role humans must play in the safe deployment of AI in healthcare.

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