[SAN FRANCISCO, CA, 10/09/2023] – DeepScribe, healthcare’s first enterprise-grade fully automated AI medical scribe, introduces its Customization Studio — a suite of tools and workflow options that empower clinicians to adapt its AI scribe to their nuanced workflows.  

Earlier this year, DeepScribe’s fully automated AI Scribe set the industry standard for accuracy, outperforming GPT4 by over 32% on medical documentation. This was made possible by a global workforce of trained medical scribes meticulously labeling and training millions of clinical conversations. Having reached parity with notes written by expert human scribes, DeepScribe is making its fully automated AI scribe generally available to users.

DeepScribe’s ambient AI scribe captures the natural conversation between clinician and patient and converts it into customizable documentation within seconds

“After capturing millions of patient encounters over the last 5 years, one thing is very clear: not all specialties and not all notes are built equal,” says DeepScribe CEO Akilesh Bapu. “An oncology note will need to intelligently incorporate information from previous records while radiologists need a separate section to meticulously outline the rationale behind their decisions. Even within a specialty, a PCP seeing a patient for an annual wellness visit will want to define structured fields that consistently get captured while one following up with a patient on their chronic conditions may prefer a freeform summary. Customization Studio, along with our human-level accuracy is key to building the first enterprise-grade AI scribe.”

DeepScribe’s Customization Studio is built with the primary focus of allowing clinicians to precisely craft their notes to fit their deeply nuanced workflows. It’s a culmination of hundreds of note customization features that have been built over the years in partnership with health systems like Covenant, Privia, Nava, and Medcura. This allows clinicians to finalize documentation with ease, regardless of note preferences or workflow complexity and makes it easy for healthcare systems to standardize workflows, ensure compliance, and accelerate adoption across multiple specialties.

DeepScribe's Customization Studio: A Closer Look

At the heart of DeepScribe’s Customization Studio is the core value of empowering clinicians and healthcare organizations with the tools they need to have full control of their documentation. Each clinician and organization practices medicine differently, and DeepScribe recognizes the importance of bringing users deep into the AI process and giving them a voice in how notes are structured and organized.

DeepScribe's Customization Studio provides what clinicians seek in an ideal human scribe: the ability to consistently and accurately incorporate documentation preferences while strategically balancing new information with known information from the EHR.

Progressive Notes

This dynamic feature allows clinicians to seamlessly pull forward previous patient notes, enabling users to document longitudinal care across multiple visits with precise dates. This functionality is especially valuable for specialties who track patients over long periods of time, such as those in neurology, rheumatology, allergy and immunology, obstetrics, and oncology.

Physical Exam

Clinicians can define custom physical exams that DeepScribe will populate during the conversation, a key to natively supporting most specialties.


Blueprints will allow clinicians or organizations to create custom sections and define discrete fields that they’d like captured. From Impressions to Interval History, they can insert examples from their own notes and DeepScribe will learn content, structure, and style.  

DeepScribe’s Customization Studio empowers clinicians and health systems with the tools they need to meet compliance standards and push strategic initiatives forward

The First to Generate Personalized Notes Across Multiple Specialties

With the launch of Customization Studio, DeepScribe is the first AI Scribe to generate personalized, specialty-specific notes within seconds of completing a visit. Personalization and continued customizability also allow health systems to further meet compliance needs and push their strategic initiatives forward.

To see a demonstration of DeepScribe’s AI medical scribe and Customization Studio, request a consultation at deepscribe.ai/contact.

About DeepScribe:

Founded in 2017, DeepScribe is a medical technology firm based in San Francisco, California that supplies AI medical scribe solutions to healthcare companies and medical professionals, helping them automate clinical documentation, improve patient care, reduce clinical burnout, save valuable time, and increase revenue and reimbursement. With thousands of clinicians on their platform, DeepScribe is the most widely adopted ambient AI medical scribe in healthcare. To learn more visit deepscribe.ai.

Media Contact: communications@deepscribe.tech

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