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No wake-words.
No dictation.
You have to see it to believe it.
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DeepScribe’s sophisticated Artificial Intelligence is the first of its kind.

It’s 100% ambient, silently and intelligently working in the background while you focus on delivering face-to-face care to your patients.

sophisticated Artificial Intelligence

Our medical-grade precision means you’re making less than one edit to your notes on average. 

With speech recognition that’s more accurate than Dragon and a proprietary conversation understanding layer trained on thousands of scenarios, DeepScribe can take on multiple speakers, exotic accents, all-over-the-place conversations, interruptions, and other variables that plague other tools.

medical-grade precision

EHR Integrations that map directly into the discrete fields of your EHR.

At DeepScribe, we build custom integrations that can transfer our notes into discrete fields in your EHR. DeepScribe can be set up and integrated with your EHR in only a couple of hours. From there, it’s ready to go when you are. It’s an on-demand medical scribe you can count on to accurately summarize your patient encounters from your iPhone, Apple Watch, or our special hardware.

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Get more out of your telemedicine solution.

DeepScribe provides two critical solutions in one. Whether you see the patient in the office via Telemedicine, DeepScribe’s Telemedicine Platform provides remote access to your patients and documents the encounter automatically. If you are happy with your current telemedicine solution, we also integrate with any platform out there.

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DeepScribe integrates with most EHRs and is continually adding integrations into our mix - here are some of our more popular ones:


Technology That’s
Totally Different

DeepScribe is a different solution from what you are likely used to. We didn’t develop another virtual scribe or dictation tool. We leverage the power of AI with machine learning, natural language processing and speech recognition to literally re-write how medical documentation is done. How is DeepScribe different from traditional solutions?

Dictation/Transcription Tools

Dictation/Transcription Tools

DeepScribe is:

More accurate

No more recalling & summarizing interactions

Less manual

No more dictating voice to text & inputting EHR notes

More efficient

No more spending valuable time on documentation

Human/Virtual Scribe

Human/Virtual Scribe

DeepScribe is:

Less expensive

No more dedicating revenue to costly scribe solutions

More dependable

No more worry about scribe burnout & churn

Less of a hassle

No more training & scheduling & managing scribes

With DeepScribe, your conversations are automatically summarized and integrated into the discrete EHR fields. No need to recall and summarize each encounter. No need to schedule and train scribes. DeepScribe is always available and continually gets smarter, learning your language so you spend less time editing notes and more time practicing medicine.


Enterprise-Grade Security



DeepScribe AI technology is completely 100% HIPAA-compliant, ensuring your practice maintains high levels of privacy and auditable records.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication

DeepScribe includes an additional layer of security to authenticate anyone activating the technology is authorized to do so.

De-Identified Patient Data

De-Identified Patient Data

Our technology strips all information that can be used to directly identify a patient so it can be securely shared without compromising patient privacy.

Limited Access

Limited Access

DeepScribe has strong access permission settings to enable you to not only select those with access rights but also customize levels of access.

Data Encryption

Data Encryption

All patient data transferred between DeepScribe and integrated EHR systems is encrypted using end-to-end AES-256 technology.



"DeepScribe has been amazing for my office and my patients. My notes are completed more promptly, which has been great for billing as well as managing referrals, prior authorizations, etc. My patients love me being able to focus on them rather than a screen. However, It also has been awesome for my family and me. I am not stuck doing notes late into the night. I was so excited when I first learned about it and now could not imagine going back to writing notes. Definitely an integral part of the future of medicine."

Dr. Everald Manning
Premier Primary Care Physicians

"I was initially thinking about a scribe to ease my workload and allow more interaction with my patients instead of staring at a computer screen through the entire visit. Then, I was introduced to DeepScribe. DeepScribe has been incredible in letting me be more interactive with my patients by taking on most of the burden of documentation. I now spend more time with the patients as opposed to being a secretary. DeepScribe has not only allowed me to become more connected with my patients, but also increased my revenue by allowing me to see more patients and freed up time to spend with my family instead of charting."

Dr. Pinkal Patel
Oviedo Medical Center

"We love DeepScribe. Its freed up so much time for us its incredible. We actually have time to meet and do business development, get home, make dinner, and spend time with family. Really cool."

Dr. Navin Reddy
Veritas Health

See how easy it is to get back your time.

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